I help small business owners create modern websites that help automate and organize their business. With my background in marketing and journalism, I help craft sites that not only tell your story but generates leads, drive sales, create a tribe of followers that love you, and look beautiful no matter what device you're on. #forreal

I get it, you're busy

You’re over there living your best life, running your business, providing for your family, trying to eat right, work out, save the world… the very last thing on your mind is your website. I feeeeeel ya. 

The thing is… your website is the very first thing your customers will see. So it’s gotta be good.

In today’s modern age, customers rarely dial your number before looking at your website. If it’s a hot mess – or worse, they can’t even find it – they’re moving onto the next best thing.


stop sending leads to your facebook page

you're better than that

Listen, I know that three piece suits and ties aren’t the norm office attire anymore. (Believe me, I am MORE than thankful that leggings can be camouflaged as pants these days…)

But professionalism is still so important. 

I am sure you are the best at what you do. But if your website doesn’t reflect that, you’re probably missing out on a lot of new projects.

Why DO I even need a website?

I hate to be the one to tell you this but…

You do not own anything you post to social media – or your audience there.

I know – I love me some Instagram too, and I hope it never dies. But we all remember what happened to my MySpace? Xanga, anyone? Geocities?

Social media is always changing and evolving, and sometimes dying. #RIPvine 

You need to be have control over your online presence and to do that, you need a solid website.

If Facebook or Instagram
were to shutdown tomorrow...

how would your followers know where to find you?

Don't run YOUR business at the mercy of someone else's business.

Yes, you need to be connecting with your audience via social media, but you also need to own your domain name, hosting plan, website assets, and content. Don't let anyone dictate how your business reaches your audience.

PS: Fun fact, I taught myself how to code on Xanga in 6th grade.


I gotchu, boo!

First, I develop all my sites using WordPress. It’s a very stable platform that uses clean code and has regular updates. I’ll set you up with an environment that updates itself, so you don’t have to worry about it! 

As for on-going updates, I say that if you can edit a Word document, you can edit your website. This platform is so super easy to learn and I will walk you through everything. 

And yes, i'd never leave ya hangin'
i do offer ongoing maintenance plans

take it from these people...

"Katie is AMAZING!!! She rebuilt my website and it is incredible and went beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Katie if you are looking for any website redesign and social media marketing help for your business. She is worth every penny!!!"
"I'd like to take the time to tell you how much our website has improved since you have helped us configure it on the new template. We have significantly increased the amount of views and traffic seen from our analytics and also appear in more searches on search engines. You were pleasant, easy to deal with, and very informative on what we could do to make things better. I have no hesitation of recommending you to friends or using your services in the future. Thanks again for all our hard work and time."
"Katie is very detailed oriented, organized, and innovative. For years she has come up with inventive and effective marketing plans and designs to assist with the growth of business. In addition, she put together an organized schedule to keep the business efficient, customers taken care of in a timely manner, and help the company maintain the green standards it's seeking to uphold."

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