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A little history

01.Thanks, Mom

In 8th grade, my mom encouraged me to join the yearbook staff in order to get involved in school. (Because if ya’ll couldn’t tell – athletics were never my thing!) Little did I know, this one decision would lead me to a career in journalism, design, and storytelling.

I loved documenting life, and creating a product for the world to see. I loved telling people’s story. I loved capturing moments and preserving memories in a tangible way.

02.Learning All The Things

I gained leadership experience as Editor-in-Chief of my high school yearbook, and learned more about graphic design, project management, copy writing, editing, and photography.

At the University of Houston, I majored in Digital Media and planned on working as an editor at a prestigious magazine. Looking back, that dream makes me laugh because after only a short six-month stint in the corporate world, I realized cubicle life just wasn’t for me.

03.Teaching All The Things

Wanting a challenge, and leveraging my natural ability to build relationships, I decided to pursue becoming a high school yearbook and newspaper teacher. I spent five years building an award-winning journalism program, and made some of the best memories by getting to teach my students how to find and tell good stories, document life, and present it all in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I am still very much involved in the scholastic journalism world, teaching workshops, mentoring new advisers, critiquing publications, and running, a resource-sharing website and online community.

04.Dream Job

I work from home – most of the time in my favorite leggings and pink slippers – and I get to help people. Puttingn your best foot forward online is still a new concept that can be tricky to navigate without a strategy. I help people showcase their business by giving their website a facelift. I help recent graduates build an online portfolio and personal brand. I help families capture moments to treasure forever.

The best part of my job is getting to meet people who are doing incredible things – because then I get to tell the world about it, build community, and foster relationships. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about, anyway?

How Can I Help You?
Build a Community

I know I need to be on social media but I don’t know how…

Create Content

I want to blog but I don’t know where to start…


I need a website and have no idea how to make one…

Capture Memories

I need new headshots, family photos, graduation shots, or pictures of my products… help!