Hi, I’m Katie.

I create things.

During the day, I *attempt* to create budding journalists. I am a high school journalism teacher, advising the production of the yearbook and newspaper. I help teenagers figure out how to tell good stories from strong interviews, powerful photos, and snappy graphics. I love every minute of it, even the challenging ones.

In my free time, I create beautiful things. I capture candid smiles of happy kids, happy brides, happy graduating seniors… happy people. Sure, I like the puzzle of figuring out the correct settings to harness just the right amount of light for each photograph. More than that, I love capturing a moment’s emotion with just a click of a button, telling a whole story with just one photo.

want to know more?

…love Jesus
…am married to my high school sweetheart
…love anything pink or glittery
…have a serious addiction to ice coffee (unsweet with cream)
…doing my nails
…cruising the Caribbean
…love squishy brownies and tex-mex.
…hate writing about me pages! 😉