SENIORS // Crafty Engineers #BestieGoals

First. Blog.

It’s been a solid 3 years or so since I’ve had an actual website. Weird, considering I make them, huh?? Most of you know that I used to do photography all the time with my best Mila, with our business One Pink Square. But life took a few turns, I started teaching, and things just slowed down. Recently though, I’ve gotten back into it and whipped up my website again. Complete with a blog! I’ll be putting up lots more stuff over the next few weeks but I wanted to start with these two giggly girls, Kiara and Amanda!

They are soon to be engineers at Texas A&M! I just followed them around Michael’s and Target as they picked out adorableness for their dorm which was sooooo fun! Of course we had to include Starbucks!

When they asked me to take these pictures for them, I literally squealed with excitement! Kiara has been a Newspaper student of mine for three years and I met Amanda when she joined Calligraphy Club this year. Take a look for signs that they hand-lettered themselves!!! SO cute – and I’m SO proud!


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