When my sister comes to town, it’s a license to have an impromptu photo shoot – even if that means in the middle of IKEA! 😉 Especially when your girl got a new camera and wants to play with it! 🙂 View Full Post

SENIOR // Teona

It’s not everyday I get to meet students with a story like Teona’s. She grew up in Macedonia, and moved here just a fews years ago. We met on a trip I chaperoned for another local high school. She has the most vibrant and positive personality and was such a natural in front of the camera! View Full Post

SENIOR // Payton

Check out this cool chick’s shirt – KISS! Yet – she didn’t know who Gene Simmons is… hahaha! The outfit says she’s a hardcore rocker, but she’s so smiley! Everytime we went for even a semi-serious face she burst into laughing and I loved it! She has the best smile and joyful personality. She’s a SUPER talented photographer as well, and I can’t wait to follow her career as she pursues her dream!

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SENIOR // Ryan

It was an honor to shoot his senior photos as a gift to his mom, as her husband (his step-dad) passed away a few year’s ago. <3 View Full Post

BLOG PHOTOS // Hangry Woman

You all already know this cool chick. MY BESTIE FOR THE RESTIE, MILA!

You may also know her as The Hangry Woman. She runs an awesome blog and YouTube channel about life, cooking, fitness, and features her two cute puppers.

I got a new camera (YAY!) and Mila needed some new headshots, so we set out to find the Sugar & Cloth wall and explore the city we both love so much!

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